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    public chat effects Old School Version



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    public chat effects Old School Version

    Post by Admin on Fri Nov 20, 2015 4:00 pm

    cyan: makes your text cyan.

    green: makes your text green.

    purple: makes your text purple.

    red: makes your text red.

    white: makes your text white.

    flash1: text rapidly alters between yellow and red

    flash2: text rapidly alters between cyan blue and dark blue

    flash3: text rapidly alters between light green and dark green

    glow1: text smoothly changes from red to orange to yellow to green to cyan

    glow2: text smoothly changes from red to pink to purple to blue to purple to red

    glow3: text smoothly changes from white to light green to dark green to light green to white to cyan

    scroll: text scrolls across screen from right to left

    shake: text moves like a wave, and gradually gets smaller until it stops

    slide: text slides down from the top, stops in the middle, then slides down and disappears

    wave: text moves up and down like a wave

    wave2: text moves in a wave left to right like a flag in the wind

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